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I would be pleased to look at your requirements, as a multi talented disc jockey,
for all styles of events from Christmas & New year party nights, to weddings, civil partnerships, birthdays , Garden Parties, Pool Parties & more! If you are a Le Roc, Lindy Hop , Rock & Roll, Blues or West Coast Swing dancer, I do have a huge range of special music for your dance club events.

My mobile disco is available to hire as a support DJ with bands, or on its own for Weddings, Civil Partnerships, Engagements, Birthdays, Retirements, along with Christmas & New Year Party Nights. I also work in the Corporate market & run an entertainment agency with over 120 acts on our books for all styles of events!
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After 20 years of Le Roc dancing in Sussex, & performing as DJ at many dance club events across the Uk in this time, I have seen many changes in the mood & interest from dancers about the music & entertainment they enjoy !

My idea with Cafe Boogaloo, is for a dance event with either a live band or Dj tunes, with a stong emphasis of music played on a rock beat, coming from the Blues, to Swing classics & more modern tunes as appropriate for the style of evening. We take requests & listen to dancers, as we dance aswell & deliver a quality event !

2014 has seen many changes in the dance industry, in Sussex, such as the introduction of "Smooth Jive dance community, unique in its style, to West Coast Swing , Modern Tango & more" . There is also a very strong & growing Lindy Hop & Charleston dance club network, plus Rock N Roll, being more popular than ever !!!

Come along & join us at Cafe Boogaloo, you will meet many dancing friends & people who dance & enjoy an evening out with many of the above dance styles, which reflects on the varied music we will play for all visiting dancers to enjoy an evening out, in the safe enviroment of a superb sprung dance floor & modern up to date facilities, including wi fi access at the venue.
We do know how to Party !!!

Our evenings are designed for partner dancing, however you may come with or without a partner, & join in a short class sessions or just stay & enjoy an evening out !
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