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I have worked in the music industry for 25 years, & performed at many events, often booked for weddings, Christmas & New year party nights, but my regular bookings have always been Leroc dance events or modern jive dance nights. As an experienced dancer myself, it has been a very enjoyable , experience , meeting many new friends along the way.
Le Roc Partner Dancing
For 2021 as we have started to recover from the pandemic, its obvious that dancing will never be the same again, as we are all nervous about contact & how we can trial & test our confidence again. So I have decided to offer a new dance event at the lovely Herstmonceux village Hall, which has much to offer for our safety & dancing pleasure. We are not able to offer any classes at the moment, just simple freestyle dance events which we hope will refresh many of us, simple starved of any dancing for 17 months. There will be many who may have forgotten how to do the dance moves in a safe manner, so we will have a crew available to watch & offer support.

In order to run these events once we are allowed within government approved guidelines, we will have strict entry rules & will enforce those to uphold the safety of all dance guests.
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