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Tel: 01323 449896 / Mob: 07986 981317
I would be pleased to look at your requirements, as a multi talented disc jockey,
for all styles of events from Christmas & New year party nights, to weddings, civil partnerships, birthdays , Garden Parties, Pool Parties & more! If you are a Le Roc, Lindy Hop , Rock & Roll, Blues or West Coast Swing dancer, I do have a huge range of special music for your dance club events.

My mobile disco is available to hire as a support DJ with bands, or on its own for Weddings, Civil Partnerships, Engagements, Birthdays, Retirements, along with Christmas & New Year Party Nights. I also work in the Corporate market & run an entertainment agency with over 120 acts on our books for all styles of events!
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I have enjoyed Le Roc dancing for over 15 years, & also DJ at many events across Sussex as well as national Uk events, dance events in europe & the USA. The above banners show an event called "Hot Rhythm" which you can use to buy tickets at our events this year, click on the banner & you are redirected to further details, along with a payment page for tickets. Partner dancing is for fitness, fun & enjoying yourself! You can come along on your own or with a partner & meet new friends.

Our evenings are designed for partner dancing, however you may come with or without a partner, & join in a short class sessions or just stay & enjoy an evening out !
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